Colloquia are scheduled as follows:

2:30-3:30 pm
Room 317, Petrie Science and Engineering Building

This year's lineup of colloquia is tabulated below. For colloquia in previous years, please look here.


Sep. 25
Rowan Thomson
Carlton University
Advancing Cancer Radiation Therapy with Physics: Multiscale Modeling from Patient to Cells
Oct. 9
Stephane Courteau
Queen’s University
Puzzles in Galaxy Scaling Relations
Oct. 16
Benne Holwerda
University of Louisville
A Search for High-Redshift Galaxies And An Accidental Galactic Survey of Dwarf Stars with Hubble
Oct. 19 (FRIDAY!)
William Cairncross
JILA and the University of Colorado Boulder
Searching for the Origins of Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry with Molecular Ions
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Oct. 23
Kim Venn
University of Victoria
Metal-Poor Stars and the Pristine Survey
Nov. 6
Brian Wilson
University of Toronto
Nanobiophotonics for Cancer Applications:
Nov. 13
Dr. Toby Brown
McMaster University
The Life Cycle of Nearby Galaxies: internal and external processes regulating their gas content:
Nov. 22 (THURSDAY!)
Randolf Pohl
Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics
Laser spectroscopy of hydrogen and muonic
atoms and the proton radius puzzle
Nov. 27
Dr. Phiala Shanahan
Nuclear Physics from the Standard Model
Dec. 4
Dean Lee
Michigan State University
Nuclear Lattice Simulations
Jan. 8
Chris Stewart
York University
Finding an Alternative Career in Physics
Jan. 15
Dr. Vladan Vuletic
Manipulating atoms with light: laser
cooling to Bose-Einstein condensation
Jan. 22
Qinyin Fang
McMaster University
Time-resolved fluorescence
spectroscopy and imaging
Jan. 29
David DeMille
Yale University
A tabletop-scale probe for TeV-scale physics:
the electric dipole moment of the electron
Feb. 5
Kevin Diamond
McMaster University
Deformable tissue-mimicking
materials for biomedical optics
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Feb. 12
David McKeen