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There are many options for physics education at York, including combining studies with other disciplines. Within the Department of Physics and Astronomy, students may choose among several study paths with different course requirements:

  • Physics Stream
    The most flexible path for students wishing to become grounded in fundamental physics and its applications.
  • Applied Physics Stream
    A more programmed path of physics study emphasizing applications.
  • Astronomy Stream
    A path of study which provides grounding in astronomy and astrophysics on top of training in fundamental physics and its applications.
  • Space Science Stream
    A path of study beginning in 3rd year which emphasizes training in fields relevant to the exploration of space beyond the immediate environment of the Earth. Normally, this is open to students who begin as Space Science majors in the Department of Earth, Space Science, and Engineering.

The above programs are described in detail in the Physics and Astronomy Handbook



This is a path of study which allows students to learn not only fundamentals of biology and physics, but also how to apply the laws and methods of physics to understand biological processes.

Program information  York University's main Biophysics page.

The Biophysics Program, including required courses and the suggested rate of progress, is described in detail in the Biophysics Handbook.


Space Engineering

The Department is integrally involved in the teaching of space engineering courses. This stream has considerable overlap with the Space Science stream, but includes courses in engineering design necessary to acquire certification as a professional engineer. See the School of Engineering’s supplemental calendar for more information.


York University - Student Services

  • Student Ombuds Service (SOS) - an academic student organization that provides peer advising service for York students. It plays a crucial role in the transitional process of students of any year. The SOS particularly caters for the special needs of first year students coming out of high school, who need guidance in getting to know the university from an academic point of view.
  • General Education requirements - General education courses are required within all degree programs in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. First-year students should, if possible, select a 1000-level course for their first general education course. Many 3000-level courses are also eligible for general education credit but students must have the required prerequisites and be confident of their ability to handle course work in that subject area at the third-year level.





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