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Faculty Members - Darewych

Jurij W. Darewych
Ph.D. (Alberta)
Professor Emeritus of Physics
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Research Field:
Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics

Research specialization:
Quantum field theory, positron annihilation, quantum scattering theory.

My current research is concerned with the development and application of variational (i.e non-perturbative) methods in quantum field theory. I am particularly interested in using the variational method to derive (and solve) relativistic few-body wave equations from the underlying quantum field theory. I investigate model quantum field theories, such as the Yukawa model, as well as QED and various sectors of the standard model.


In addition, I am interested in positron interactions with simple molecules and atoms, particularly ionization and annihilation, as well as bounded variational methods in quantum scattering theory.


More detailed information about my research interests and a briefly annotated list of my relevant publications are available on request.


I welcome interaction with researchers and potential graduate students who are interested in these and related topics.

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